Olyno® Raw Brewed Coconut Vinegar with Mother from Pure Fresh Coconut Water 500 ML in Glass Bottle

Product Description:-

  • ✔WITH MOTHER : OLYNO Coconut Vinegar is unpasteurized made from coconut water keeping the CV Raw (we do not distill it) fermented for three months and hence it is alive with natural enzymes and wholesome goodness.
  • ✔RICH IN POTTASSIUM: Since cocounut trees are deeply rooted to coastline they absorb the rich mineral content. Coconut Vinegar has higher concentration of potassium than Apple Cider Vinegar 48mg to 11mg respectively.
  • ✔MADE IN KERALA: Our Coconut Vinegar is handmade in wonderfully small batches from coconuts grown in Kerala coastal area. The fermentation process takes three months before the Coconut Vinegar is bottled.
  • ✔WEIGHT LOSS: Coconut Vinegar helps with weight management, as it may reduce appetite and increase satiety. Mix one 2 Tbsp. in 250ml (5 fl. oz.) of water, consume early morning on an empty stomach and then 2-3 times during the day.
  • ✔NUTRI-RICH: Natural fermented Coconut Vinegar is low-glycemic and contains 17 amino acids, broad spectrum vitamin B, potassium, natural vitamin C, and minerals helping boost immunity and overall health.

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